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Musition 5

Musition 5 | Music Education

Musition 5

  • Publisher: Rising Software
  • Grade Level: 5-Adult
  • Platform: Mac / Win
  • Item #: MUCEE
Single Download
Price: $147.95   SRP: $149.00
Single Student Edition Download
Price: $97.95   SRP: $99.00
Musition Acad License, min 5, each
Price: $99.95   SRP: $100.00
Musition Cloud 10 Students
Price: $275.95   SRP: $290.00


Musition 5

Fun ways to learn music theory & musicianship

Music theory software, suitable for
students of all ages and levels. Become an expert at reading sheet
music, recognising time signatures, notating rhythms, understanding
intervals, matching keys signatures and more.

Huge depth of content

Complete with 38 topics, Musition is the ultimate music theory
tuition tool. With an amazing breadth and depth of content, this
software is great for beginners through to advanced students.

Perfect for your classroom

Musition has awesome tools for student assessment & tracking so
there’s less time marking and more time teaching! It’s so simple to set
a quiz, worksheet or a complex exam!

Easy to use for all ages

Designed for students of all ages and abilities, Musition’s clean and
simple interface makes it perfect for young kids through to uni
students and adults.

Content Library

The new content library has hundreds of pieces of repertoire ready to use.

  • Notation excerpts
  • Images
  • Questions

Import notation and images, create questions and map content to curriculum.

Library Questions

Any library item can be used to create amazing high quality questions; from simple multiple choice through to harmonic analysis!

  • Notation entry
  • Notation highlighting
  • Chord symbol entry
  • Multiple choice
  • Tapping

Notation Editor

Create simple scores right inside Musition, save them to the library and use the score in your own questions!

Perfect for simple melodies and rhythms!

  • Unlimited parts
  • Unlimited bars
  • Beaming options & anacrusis support
  • Ties & tuplets
  • MusicXML import
  • Chord symbols, both contemporary and classical

Tests & Courses

Tests and courses have some crucial new features, giving teachers even better control over content delivery.

  • Integrate library questions
  • Question banks using library questions
  • Time limits – entire test or individual entries
  • Custom courses – perfect for school curriculum mapping
  • Test & course ‘groups’ for easier navigation
  • Enhanced reports

Student Tasks

new student ‘Home’ area shows all tasks, tests and courses that have
been assigned to each student. Importantly, the most urgent tasks
are right at top of the list.

Students can see their most recent practise and task activity,
complete with scores and timing information. Message from their teacher
appear right below! Historical practise, test and course results are
also available, allowing students to review their progress over time.


Musition 5 a beautiful new interface, blending it’s simplicity with a modern clean feel.

  • Improved student feedback, simpler with less clutter
  • Drill revisions with an emphasis on consistency
  • Administration changes – workflow improvements
  • Administration changes – handy shortcuts

Classroom Features

  • Students can be members of multiple classes
  • All time spent practising is now recorded
  • Messaging system – one way messages for teachers to send to students
  • Enhanced reports, better layout and use of colour
  • New student summary and log reports
  • Custom topics that use library content

Features & Benefits

Why learn music theory

if you ‘play by ear’, music theory will help you understand what other
musicians are playing, increasing your awareness of their melodic,
rhythmic and harmonic language.

Regardless of your musical style, classical, jazz or contemporary,
the music theory exercises in Musition will help you reinforce and
expand your knowledge, making you a better musician.

What you’ll learn:

  • Read and write music
  • Understand scale and chord structures
  • Improve your sense of rhythm
  • Understand instrument keys and transposition
  • Comprehend musical terms and symbols