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NC-250V Circumaural Stereo Headset

NC-250V Circumaural Stereo Headset | Headphones & Listening Centers

NC-250V Circumaural Stereo Headset

Price: $32.95   SRP: $34.95


When sound intelligibility is a priority, the NC-250V Circumaural stereo PC headset provides full size headphones that have circular ear pads that encompass your entire ears. These headphones completely surround the ear and are designed to fully seal against the head and to attenuate any intrusive external background noise. The large leather-type ear cushions are plush and provide maximum comfort. The extra wide dual rib headband is designed to provide a stable and comfortable fit, even for smaller heads.

The NC-250V is equipped with Andrea's noise canceling microphone technology. The NC microphone provides the highest voice recognition industry rating, delivering enhanced speech accuracy for speech recognition and VoIP applications. The NC-250V also has a reinforced Nylon braided shield cable with inline volume control, allowing for limiting the listening level at your fingertips. The adjustable headband and a flexible Mic boom allow for perfect positioning to deliver a productive headset experience.

Features & Benefits


Circumaural ear cups with plush leather-type ear cushions for passive
noise attenuation, providing enhanced listening intelligibility.

Includes Andrea's Noise Cancellation Microphone Technology with Highest Voice Recognition Industry Rating

Pro-flex wire microphone boom for accurate microphone placement
Windsock for minimal breath popping

speakers with CD quality deep bass sound

Stainless steel adjustable

Inline volume control

flat for storage

Nylon braided, extra long 8 foot shielded cable

Durable construction, cost effective headset solution