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New Kid Graphic Novels

New Kid Graphic Novels | Special Education


A four-graphic novel series that explores social issues facing teenagers

Engage students who are reluctant to read with these new comic book style readers. Four New Kid books follow a continuous narrative that explore many social issues facing teenagers: Insecurity, dating, drinking and driving and bullying, to name a few.

Drawing from a wide range of visual cues, a full color palette and a contemporary vocabulary, author Mike Baron delivers a moving story full of true-to-life characters that is sure to attract struggling readers. The clear, contemporary illustrations help students with limited vocabulary understand the content.

Written by Mike Baron and illustrated by Nick Runge. Includes four graphic novels, 28 pages each, 2006.

New Kid Graphic Novels

New Kid Graphic Novels
Price: $27.00   SRP: $29.00

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a wide range of illustrations and age-appropriate characters
  • Covers topics like insecurity, dating, bullying, and drinking and driving