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New! Sketch Kit

New! Sketch Kit | Wonder Workshop

New! Sketch Kit

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  • Publisher: Wonder Workshop
  • Grade Level: K-12
  • Platform: All
  • Item #: 1-SK01-11
Sketch Kit
Price: $35.00   SRP: $39.99


Sketch Kit is a new accessory for
Dash & Cue robots that enables kids to visualize the results from
their code on a large canvas. Sketch Kit helps kids express their
creativity and exercise their critical thinking and spatial reasoning
skills as they draw geometric shapes, patterns, words, and more.


  • 1 marker harness
  • 6 custom dry-erase markers (red, blue, green, orange, purple, black)
  • 6 project cards

Please note: We recommend using Sketch Kit with the Whiteboard mat, which is not included in this kit.