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NO GLAM LANGUAGE CARDS | Special Education


Ages:6-12 Grades:1-6

Help your students use language to think independently, reason logically, and solve problems. These full-color cards let students focus on a single illustration while you read stimulus items from the back.

The cards are interesting for students to look at and give them plenty of things to think and talk about. The range of uses is hugeteach thirteen specific language and reasoning skills and generate loads of expressive language practice. The units are arranged in a developmental hierarchy.

The stimulus items ask students to answer thoughtful questions, explain their answers, predict, reason, and more. Each unit has an instruction card that gives an overview of the skill and some teaching tips.

The units are:

  • Classifying
  • Comparing and Contrasting
  • Answering True/False Questions
  • Answering Questions
  • Predicting Outcomes
  • Determining Missing Events
  • Sequencing
  • Making and Explaining Inferences
  • Identifying Causes of Events
  • Identifying Problems and Solutions
  • Imagining and Role Projection
  • Criticizing
  • Stating Opinions

COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES:200, 4" x 6" double-sided, coated, picture/stimuli cards and 10 instruction cards, all in a sturdy storage box. (2005)


  • Publisher: Pro-Ed Inc
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: 35011

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