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Numbers Up! 2: Baggin' the Dragon

Numbers Up! 2: Baggin' the Dragon | Math


Numbers Up! 2 Baggin' the Dragon features practical math content, a fun game environment and a quirky twist in the tail! Students use basic number fact knowledge to explore the math of measurement, space, data and algebra.

It's an effective and versatile software tool designed to help kids develop mathematical thinking pathways necessary both in everyday life and in higher math learning.

Baggin' the Dragon uses fun math activities to give context and purpose to learning basic arithmetic. Leaving boring behind, it's the math kids love to do!

PLUS! The impressive multi-player option means the whole family can play at the same time, each at their own math level!

Numbers Up! 2: Baggin' the Dragon

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  • Publisher: EdAlive
  • Grade Level: K-8
  • Platform: Download
  • Item #: EDA002S
Price: $79.95
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Price: $125.95
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Features and Benefits

All content linked to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Principles & Standards.

  • Covers 14 syllabus strands!
  • Measurement Mass, Length, Area, Volume, Time
  • Space 2D & 3D Shape, Angle & Spatial Reasoning, Position & Coordinate Geometry, TransformationS
  • Symmetry Data Organizing & Interpreting Data, Probability
  • Elements of chance and strategy mean that anyone can win not necessarily the best mathematician
  • Over 3000 questions formulated for all ages and learning styles
  • Activities are designed to establish foundational concepts, then test understanding and application
  • Content is presented in an enjoyable game format which appeals to learners of all ages and stages; for younger children it's highly visual and interactive while students who may normally have difficulty learning will find the concepts interesting and inviting
  • High level of integration between math and language outcomes appeals to language-oriented learners and stimulates learners whose language skills are not so strong


System Requirements


Win XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8


OS X 10 or higher, includes OS 10.7, 10.8 & 10.9