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Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic

Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic | Math


You and your party have just crash landed on a volcanic island, only to discover that the volcano is active and about to erupt. The race is on to reach the one and only Escape Pod that will take one passenger off the island before the volcano erupts. Discover the best route, use the right gadgets and answer all the math challenges to be the one to ride away to safety!

With over 7,500 questions across 26 carefully-sequenced levels covering Preschool through Grade 8, students will all face questions that will challenge and stimulate them.

Supports up to 4 players per game.

Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic

  • Publisher: EdAlive
  • Grade Level: PreK-8
  • Item #: EDA001S
Price: $79.95
Lab 5
Price: $125.95
Site License 25
Price: $325.95
Price: $595.95

Features and Benefits

Curriculum Coverage:

Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic is carefully sequenced from Preschool to Junior High levels (and beyond), with a whole range of learning experiences for every different type of learner.

Contains activities that address a full spectrum of core math curriculum including:

  • Numeration - Addition
  • Subtraction 
  • Multiplication 
  • Division 
  • Decimals 
  • Fractions & Percentages 
  • Ratios & Proportions


System Requirements


Win XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 10


OS X 10 or higher, includes OS 10.7, 10.8 & 10.9