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PAIR-IT PREIMER Set 2 Package | Language Arts / Reading


  • Publisher: Steck-Vaughn
  • Grade Level: K-2
  • Item #: 9781419074899
Set 2 Complete Package
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Set 2 Starter Set
Price: $382.90   SRP: $510.53
Set 2 Teacher's Guide
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Set 2 Audio Book Collection
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Pair-It Premier
Grades K-2, Guided Reading Levels A-M
Precisely leveled favorites for Grades K-2 that ensure every pair is the right match for your reading groups!
This series includes updated student books and
instruction, strengthening the bridge from fiction to nonfiction with the following features:
Customer favorites and best selling titles from the
renowned Pair-It Books which were carefully selected and rewritten with meticulous leveling
Redefined leveling for every pair that provides the right match for each of your guided reading groups, levels A-M
Engaging texts that grab students' attention while
building mastery in the Five Pillars of Literacy and supporting critical thinking

Features & Benefits

Pairs Are Leveled to Directly Meet Students' Needs!
Plans for Every Theme Include
The Five Pillars of Literacy
Writing Connection
Additional Skill Practice with BLMs
Take Home Letter in English and Spanish Assessment

System Requirements


Complete Set 2 Premier Package includes 6 copies of each of the 42 titles plus a Teacher's Guide and 21 audio books (1 for every pair of titles) in a storage tub

Premier Set 1 Starter set includes 1 copy each of the 42 Student Editions plus a Teacher's Guide

Audio Book Collection includes 21 Audio Cassettes (1 for every pair of titles) in a binder

Set 2

Dinosaurs • Money • Butterflies - Level G

• Dinosaurs Show and Tell • Dinosaur Fun Facts • A Penny Changes the Day • Money Riddles That Count • Buddy Butterfly and His Cousin • Butterfly's Life

Lions • Foods Around the World • Animal Camouflage - Level H

• The Lion and the Mouse • Lions • Around-the-World Lunch • Festival Foods Around the World • Who's Hiding There? • In Hiding: Animals Under Cover

Rain Forests• Turtles • Farms - Level I

• Rain Forest Adventure • Inside a Rain Forest • Turtle's Big Race • Save the Sea Turtles! • Miss McKenzie Had a Farm • Farm Life Long Ago

Hot Air Balloons • Storms • Gifts - Level J

• Sky High • Hot Air Balloons • Carlita Ropes the Twister • Storms! • A Gift to Share • Gifts to Make

Cities • Pets • Corn - Level K

• Timothy's Five-City Tour • Cities Around the World • The Missing Pet • A Pet for You • Jenny and the Cornstalk • Corn: An American Indian Gift

Inventors • Snakes • Spiders - Level L

• Milo's Great Invention • Inventors: Making Things Better • How the Rattlesnake Got Its Rattle • A Look at Snakes • How Spiders Got Eight Legs • A Look at Spiders

Dogs • Japan • Earth - Level M

• A Dog's Best Friend • A Look at the Dogs • The Crane Wife • Japan • Save the River! • Take Care of Our Earth