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PCTI 3-Way Personal Computer Telephone Interface

PCTI 3-Way Personal Computer Telephone Interface | Headphones & Listening Centers

PCTI 3-Way Personal Computer Telephone Interface

Price: $87.95   SRP: $89.95


- 3-way switching of an Andrea headset to a PC, a phone, or both.

- Enables headset users to connect to their PCs and their telephones simultaneously to allow voice-enabled computing and telecommunications functions easily and efficiently.

- Connects an Andrea PC headset to most telephones (both single line and digital PBX) and to a PC.

- 3-way conferencing in position allows person on headset, person on phone, and person VoIP through computer all to communicate simultaneously.

- Use the headset while on the phone instead of the phone handset.

- Use the headset with the PC for speech recognition, VoIP, or any PC audio output.

Features & Benefits

Single control point for flexible connections without plugging and unplugging cables, including:

- Select handset or headset
- Adjust headset speaker volume
- Mute headset microphone
- Control Computer Speakers (On / Off)
- Select PC, Phone or Both