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Personal Talker

Personal Talker | Special Education

Personal Talker

Price: $12.00   SRP: $12.00
Pack of 6
Price: $57.95   SRP: $59.00


A one message, ten second device with an attached protective cover.

Its pocket-sized, has a large press and play button, and an enclosure for picture or written information. A pen point is needed to record a message, eliminating accidental erasure. Ideal for a talking ID, community-based activities and expressive communication needs.

A self-adhesive bumper lets you increase the size of the active play area. Simply adhere it to the inside front opposite the play button and close the talker. Pressing anywhere on the front will activate speech. Batteries and bumper included.

Features & Benefits

2 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 5/8
Includes an adaptive bumper for easy message playing.