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Phonological Awareness and Sequencing Stories (PAS) Second Edition, Te

Phonological Awareness and Sequencing Stories (PAS) Second Edition, Te | Special Education

Phonological Awareness and Sequencing Stories (PAS) Second Edition, Te

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The second edition of Phonological Awareness and Sequencing (PAS) Stories can be used by students and teachers who have learned the phonemic sequencing principles presented in theLindamood Phoneme Sequencing (LiPS) Program.Children and adults who are learning to read English with accuracy will be able to understand the nature of the English sound system and its match to the system of print.

The program includes a set of eight illustrated books. Each chapter book contains five or six delightful, fun, and informative short stories written to present English words in a sound-symbol system. The content of each PAS story follows the Vertical Path of sound introduction presented in theLiPS Teachers Manual:

  • Consonant Sounds:covers the 16 common along with a few less common consonant sounds
  • Vowel Sounds:covers long and short vowels, dialect variations, e, y, and alternate vowel spellings
  • Syllables:covers the nine types of syllables and simple and complex syllables that make up the multi-syllabic words
  • Expectancies:covers the ways real words can be expected to look
  • Sight Words:covers sound-symbol principles established in the LiPS manual

The accompanying Teachers Manual provides basic guidelines for successful use of the PAS stories.

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2011 5 x 9 56 pages Previous Edition: #9175 and #9176