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Practical Ideas That Really Work for Students with Disruptive Defiant or Diffi

Practical Ideas That Really Work for Students with Disruptive Defiant or Diffi | Special Education

Practical Ideas That Really Work for Students with Disruptive Defiant or Diffi

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  • Grade Level: All
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Target Group: Grades 5 - 12

Practical Ideas That Really Work for Students with Disruptive, Defiant, or Difficult Behaviors, Second Edition
is for educators who work with students with challenging behaviors.
Like the other titles in the PITRW series, this easy-to-use resource
consists of two main components: a Practical Ideas Manual and an
Evaluation Form.

The Grades 512 Manual has 35 practical
intervention ideas, reproducible worksheets, examples, illustrations,
and tips designed for easy implementation. A CD-ROM with all of the
reproducible forms is provided along with the manual. Most of the ideas
in the second edition of this popular resource are new and the others
have been revised and improved.

Educators can incorporate these
practical ideas into their campus Response to Intervention framework.
Ideas for school-wide, class-wide, group, and individual interventions
are provided, along with references indicating their scientific research
basis. The complete kit includes everything educators need to provide
high-quality, targeted interventions that meet RTI requirements for
behavior. In addition, educators who work with students already
identified with emotional/behavioral disorders will find effective,
easy-to-use ideas that can be integral to their Behavior Intervention
Plans (BIPs).

The Evaluation Form that is part of the kit has
also been significantly improved. It consists of a Rating Scale, an
Ideas Matrix, and an Intervention Plan. The Rating Scale is a
criterion-referenced measure for evaluating behaviors that impact
student learning. The Ideas Matrix provides a systematic way of linking
the results of the Rating Scale to interventions. The Intervention Plan
is a record-keeping tool used to document (1) the targeted skills, (2) a
review of prior interventions, (3) new ideas selected for
implementation, and 4) the evaluation methods that will be used to track
student progress. The plan is an excellent resource for campus student
intervention teams to design and implement effective strategies for
students behavioral and social success.

COMPLETE KIT INCLUDES: Manual, 10 Evaluation Forms, and CD-ROM. (©2010)

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