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Pre-Vocational Solution

Pre-Vocational Solution | Special Education


NEW! An easy-to-use solution to prepare people for work

Attainment's Pre-Vocational Solution includes activities on use of computers, data entry, employability skills, functional vocabulary, soft skills, and conversational skills.

Computers at Work Software
Learning to Work
Get a Job Curriculum
Conversation Skills Curriculum
Tracking Success: Pre-Vocational Checklist

Pre-Vocational Solution

Pre-Vocational Solution
Price: $389.00   SRP: $399.00

Features and Benefits

  • Emphasizes the importance of both hard and soft skills for employment
  • Focuses on skills that prepare people for jobs in different work settings
  • Includes activities for how to initiate and maintain conversations on the job, at home, and with friends
  • Reflects on providers' ability to offer pre-vocational opportunities to their client base