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Primary Measuring Kit

Primary Measuring Kit | Teacher Tools

Primary Measuring Kit

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Primary Measurement Kit
All the materials you need to teach concepts of length, volume, mass, time, and temperature. Includes both customary and metric units. Kit includes: Customary/Metric Measuring Spoons (Set of 5), Customary/Metric Measuring Cups (Set of 5), Transparent Rulers (Set of 10), Hexagram Weights (Set of 54), Demonstration Thermometer, Student Thermometers (Set of 10), Liquid Measures (Set of 3), Platform Scale, 3 m/10′ Retractable Measuring Tape, Customary/Metric Tape Measures (Set of 10), Bucket Balance, Spring Scale (1000 g/2.2 lb.), 12-Hour Demonstration Clock, 1-Minute Sandtimers (Set of 2), Big-Digit Stopwatch, Step-by-Step Measurement Mat, Storage Tub, and Meter Stick. Grades 1+ | Ages 6+

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