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Qtopia | Teacher Tools


Single Teacher 1 year
Price: $229.00   SRP: $229.00
Site License
Price: $2,995.00   SRP: $2,995.00


Qtopia is an online learning platform that offers thousands of
ready-to-use activities that can be completed outside of the classroom.
Foster the “Flipped Classroom” model of instruction by assigning
appropriate grade-level and ability-level materials for completion
outside the school day. Track student completion of assignments in
real-time, and view data to help make instructional decisions for the
next day. Qtopia is customizable and ‘Click Play’ simple.

Features & Benefits

Save time and money.
Get ready-to-use materials, including thousands of online tests,
quizzes, lessons, activities, and learning objects. Online homework and
classwork delivery reduces printing costs and all are graded

Have fun! Students work
at their own pace through interactive lessons, earning points to build
their own avatar. Built-in games offer additional motivation and healthy

Easily Tailor instruction. Use comprehensive assessment tools that can include state-aligned curriculum, reporting, and tracking tools.