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Qwizdom Ready Set Curriculum

Qwizdom Ready Set Curriculum | Teacher Tools

Qwizdom Ready Set Curriculum

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  • Publisher: Quizdom
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: RDYST-1
Curriculum 1 Teacher license 1 Year
Price: $129.00   SRP: $129.00
Curriculum Site License 1 year
Price: $1,995.00   SRP: $1,995.00


ReadySet Common Core lessons and assessments motivate and improve
student performance with engaging, focused lessons, immediate feedback,
game modes, and detailed reports.

These Common Core practice lessons and assessments can be used with
iPads or Web-enabled devices, student response hardware, Qwizdom Connect
Software, and/or Qtopia Online Learning.

Get Math, Reading, and Science Supplemental Curriculum

for a Low-Cost, Yearly Subscription.

Features & Benefits

How it Works:


Measure studentsí current knowledge of a topic to provide more focused, individualized instruction.


Practice essential skills with short, precise lessons in the classroom, computer lab, or at home.


Assess learning outcomes and allow adequate time for review of key concepts.


Use fun and engaging lessons that adapt to a variety of learning styles with a whole class, small group, or individual students.


Gauge understanding and reteach concepts in the moment using Qwizdom Connect Software, virtual response, response hardware, and online tools.


All results are collected instantly and can be viewed in real time or
post-session in a variety of reporting formats. With these options,
teachers can assess understanding in real time or track student
performance across time.

Achieve Results

Receive instant feedback and remediation that leads to higher performance on state testing.