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Read for Content: Social Studies

Read for Content: Social Studies | Special Education


120-short stories about U.S. history, world history, and civics for secondary students practicing reading comprehension

Read For Content: Social Studies provides an easy-to-approach reading opportunity for challenging non-fiction subjects. 120 important social studies topics support curricula in U.S. History, World History and Civics. An excellent resource for learning how to recognize facts and identify important ideas within reading material.

The extremely compact (200-250 words each) one-page stories include key term definitions for difficult, but essential words. Each story includes multiple choice review questions plus a “Think About It” discussion question. A “Fact or Opinion?” review item helps students recognize opinions in social studies material.


  • 120 one-page stories with printable PDF
  • Key term definitions for each story
  • Story review questions
  • Fact-or-Opinion exercises
  • Discussion questions
  • DAISY/NIMAS text files for screen reader use
  • Printable PDF and MS-Word files

Sample Topics

U.S. History: Cuban Missile Crisis, Silicone Valley, Wagon Trains

World History: King Tut, United Nations, Rise of AIDS

Civics: Rights of Juveniles, Social Security, Taxes

By Mike Baron. Covered spiralbound book, 276 pages, includes a PDF on Win/Mac CD with a classroom license for printouts, 2008. ISBN # 1-57861-667-0 

Read for Content: Social Studies

Read for Content: Social Studies
Price: $55.00   SRP: $59.00

Features and Benefits

  • Provides practice recognizing facts and identifying important ideas
  • Includes definitions of key terms, review questions, activities, and discussion questions
  • CD offers printable PDF and Microsoft Word files