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Read to Learn Book Library

Read to Learn Book Library | Special Education


A curricula series for adolescent and adult students to read stories and learn social, emotional, and life skills

Programs Included:

Life Skill Readers features 40 stories with community themes. Colorful photos showing skills in context complement the easy to read text.

Social Story Readers has 16 illustrated stories depicting common social issues at school and home.

Safety Skills Reader introduces safety issues in the context of everyday activities in community, home and work environments in 26 illustrated stories.

Connections in the Workplace includes 36 illustrated short stories profiling Maria and Jerome’s on the job experiences.

Self-Determination Readers includes 16 illustrated stories exploring self-determination issues.

Do The Right Thing has 25 illustrated stories analyzing community-based social situations.

Focus on Feelings has 19 photo-illustrated stories about human emotions.

Dynamite Emotions has 6 graphic-novel-style stories dealing with controlling anger and frustration.

Twelve, covered spiralbound books, averaging 200 pages, includes PDFs on Win/Mac CD with a Classroom License for printouts.

You might also be interested in the Read to Learn Software Bundle, winner of the 2009 Bessie Award for best in educational software! which includes each title in Attainment's eReader Software Library.

Read to Learn titles are also sold separately. Visit the title links above.

Read to Learn Book Library

Read to Learn Book Library
Price: $489.00   SRP: $499.00

Features and Benefits

  • Combines eight different student reader and instructor guide sets for a total of 184 stories
  • Stories illustrations facilitate engagement and comprehension
  • Assessment and activity pages included as PDFs on the included CDs
  • Can be used as a language arts curriculum for secondary students