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Reading Milestones Placement and Monitoring

Reading Milestones Placement and Monitoring | Special Education

Reading Milestones Placement and Monitoring

  • Publisher: Pro-Ed Inc
  • Grade Level: K-12
  • Item #: 13970
Examiner's Manual
Price: $23.00
Placement & Monitoring
Price: $62.00
Student Record Forms/Progress Reports
Price: $41.00


Now you can place students in the correct level of Reading Milestones and monitor their progress through the program.

Ages: 6 through 18
Testing Time: 10 minutes
Administration: Individual or group

The Reading Milestones Placement and Monitoring (RMPM) is a valid and reliable assessment. It was designed to: (a) provide an efficient guide to the identification of the initial instructional level within Reading Milestones (b) establish a baseline of performance and (c) monitor student growth within the program.

The RMPM can be administered by classroom teachers, special education teachers, reading specialists, school psychologists, or any other individual with some training in standardized test administration. The test can be administered to entire classes, small groups, or to individual students in approximately 10 minutes. Two equivalent Student Record Forms (A and B) and a Student Progress Report are provided. Proed