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Ready, Set, Cook!

Ready, Set, Cook! | Special Education


A picture-based recipe and lesson plan collection

The Ready, Set, Cook! Curriculum comes with multiple components. The Lessons Plans begin by teaching students how to use a color-coded microwave, basic nutrition, and safety skills. A laminated Recipe Reader and Measurement Guide help students to customize the serving sizes their recipe creates. The picture-based Cookbook includes 40 step-by-step, illustrated recipes.

There are five recipe categories in Ready, Set, Cook!:

  • Add to It! focuses on basic foods that can be transformed into something more.
  • Eat Fresh! encourages eating fresh food you prepare yourself.
  • Make It a Meal! incorporates recipes with a variety of food groups that come together to make a complete and well-balanced meal.
  • Share It! focuses on the social aspect of eating at get-togethers and makes many servings to share with a group.
  • Use It and Reuse It! introduces the concept of cooking one food and incorporating it into many meals over a week.
    Some of the recipes are labeled as Speed It Up! with some of the simpler steps cut out or combined to make the recipe more concise.

The Curriculum includes: Lesson Plans book with flash drive, Cookbook, consumable Student Cookbook, and the laminated Recipe Reader and Measurement Guide.

The Curriculum Plus includes: The Curriculum plus a total of 10 consumable Student Cookbooks, the entire page set of workbook pages as accessible GoWorksheets (iPad only), and samples of communication overlays. The GoWorksheets can be used with the free GoWorksheet app or the full GoWorksheet Plus app available on the App Store.

Ready, Set, Cook!

Ready, Set, Cook! Curriculum
Price: $89.00   SRP: $99.00
Ready, Set, Cook! Curriculum Plus
Price: $169.00   SRP: $179.00

Features and Benefits

  • Includes 40 step-by-step recipes in five categories
  • Lesson Plans provide Objectives, Talking Points, and Tips
  • Pictures accompany recipe steps to support readers and non-readers
  • Offers clear and concise directions for easy following