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Rigby PM Photo Stories

Rigby PM Photo Stories | Rigby


Rigby PM Photo Stories

Meet Joey, Meg, Lily and Zac in this Magenta series for early readers. 16 pages each for Levels 2-3 and targeted towards Kindergarten readers. 10 titles in this series.

  • Dazzling informational readers.
  • Deepen students' knowledge.
  • Keep students confident and successful.

Individual Titles:
Package includes 1 titles (6-copies).  Please contact us for availability.

Guided Reading Packages Levels 2-3:
Packages 60 books (6 copies of each 10 titles) plus Teacher's Guide in Tub Organizer

Independent Reading Packages Levels 2-3:
Packages 10 books (1 copy of each student edition) 

Rigby PM Photo Stories

  • Grade Level: K
  • Item #: Rigby PMPhotoStories
Guided Reading Plat B-C
Price: $512.00   SRP: $686.00
Independent Reading Pack B-C
Price: $105.00   SRP: $143.00
6-Pack (each title) Please specify title
Price: $68.00   SRP: $91.93