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Rigby PM Platinum Collection Complete Ruby Level 27-28

Rigby PM Platinum Collection Complete Ruby Level 27-28 | Language Arts / Reading


PM Generations Ruby Classroom Library 9780358174080 1759546 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt National 2019

Guided Reading Packages Ruby (Levels 27-28) Package 120 books (6 copies each of 20 titles), plus Teacher's Guide and Classroom Organizer

Long Awaited, Eagerly Anticipated... New Rigby PM Readers Whether you are working in a balanced literacy framework, as a Reading Recovery® teacher, or wanting new titles for small-group reading, the new Rigby PMs will take your instruction to new levels, as called for in today’s rigorous standards. • Deepen students’ knowledge with cross-curricular content and projectbased activities. • Dazzling informational readers will engross your growing learners. • The precise Rigby® leveling you count on keeps you confident and your students successful.

Providing the Keys to Success in Student Reading Practice: Whether it’s meeting relatable characters who are put to the test in tricky situations, or exploring informational texts, students will find that Rigby PMs make reading practice irresistible. Accomplishment: Meaningful texts with precise leveling give students confidence to move to the next level as skills increase gradually. Enjoyment: Age-appropriate, relatable, and relevant stories appeal to diverse student backgrounds.

The newest 280 Rigby PM titles for levels Red through Sapphire come in guided reading 6-packs with lesson plans, single copies of all titles in the color set for independent reading, or guided reading libraries with 6-packs of all the unique titles in the color band with lesson plans in two totes for easy organization. 

Rigby PM Platinum Collection Complete Ruby Level 27-28

PM Generations Ruby Classroom Library
Price: $963.00   SRP: $1,640.67

Features and Benefits

Teaching Guides and Tools
• 8- page Take-and-Teach Lesson Plans
• Two organizational totes per guided reading library set with leveling information inserts
• Reading Counts!® quizzes for each title to assess comprehension

(Reading Counts! web subscription licenses are purchased separately and can be accessed from school or home.) Classroom Materials•280 new titles for Rigby PM levels Red through Sapphire for Grades 1–5 

Included in the Kit