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Science and Health Series

Science and Health Series | Special Education


A standards-based book set for secondary students to learn about earth, life, physical, and health sciences

The symbols help nonreaders follow lessons as they are read, help emergent readers link meaning to text and help fluent readers understand specific vocabulary.

The books feature simplified language augmented with Boardmaker® symbols to provide easier access to the standards-based content. Appropriate for students, grades 6-12, who read at a second grade level or below.

Includes Exploring Earth, Life and Physical Science plus Health, Growth & Development. You can print out as many pages as you need from the PDF. All books feature student assessments embedded within lessons.

An Instructor’s Guide is provided on the CD in PDF format. Four full-color covered spiralbound books, 100–200 pages, includes a PDF on Win/Mac CD with a classroom license for printouts, 2007. Books authored by Laura Breault.

Exploring Physical Science, 116 pages; Exploring Earth Science, 200 pages; Exploring Life Science, 100 pages; all 2007-2010, covered spiralbound books. Instructor's Guide, 28 pages, 2007-2010.

Science and Health Series

Science and Health Series
Price: $109.00   SRP: $128.00

Features and Benefits

  • Features simplified language and Boardmaker® symbol support
  • Appropriate for students reading at a 2nd grade level or below
  • Features student assessments within each lesson
  • Includes illustrated textbooks from Exploring Science Series and Health, Growth, & Development