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Select-A-Meal Curriculum

Select-A-Meal Curriculum | Special Education


An illustrated meal planning curriculum for in the community and at home

In addition to the instructor's guide, Select-A-Meal includes reproducibles: Food cards, picture step pages, communication cues, money aids and data sheets.

Emphasizes table manners and appropriate social skills. Plan meals or ordering by choosing from the 144 full-color laminated meal choice cards, and putting selected meal cards into the Pocket Book. These can be used as reminders or as communication cards, or both!

Spiralbound Instructor's Guide, 195 pgs, revised 2003. Also 144 laminated meal choice cards, laminated menu and Pocket Book

Select-A-Meal Curriculum

Select-A-Meal Curriculum
Price: $87.00   SRP: $89.00

Features and Benefits

  • Provides step-by-step guide for manners, social skills, ordering items, and planning meals
  • Details fast food and table service restaurants, school cafeteria, and home instructions
  • Includes the instructor’s guide, food cards, picture step pages, communication cues, money aids, data sheets, and a Pocket Book
  • 144 meal choice cards may be used for planning or ordering meals