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Sharpen Your Senses Through Virtual Travel Across the U.S.

Sharpen Your Senses Through Virtual Travel Across the U.S. | Special Education


Connect with your loved one to stimulate conversation and enhance memory

We use all five of our senses each and every day. They help us to learn about the world around us. They allow us to see, hear, touch, smell, and taste in order to take in new information. We also use our senses to bring back memories of times gone by.

These cards will do just that—

  • by using travel throughout the United States as a vehicle to reflect on certain events from earlier times in our lives,
  • by using different places we have lived and/or visited, to trigger memories, and
  • by using observations of how others live throughout the U.S. as a way to stimulate conversation.

There are no right or wrong answers—simply answers which reflect the thoughts of the person answering the questions. They are meant to stimulate our brains, enhance our memory, help us interpret the world around us, and encourage enjoyment and fun!

These cards are designed to encourage thought and conversation among older adults, including those with early memory loss, but may actually be used effectively for a much wider audience.

The cards have been field-tested successfully with a variety of different groups as well as individuals.

Sharpen Your Senses Through Virtual Travel Across the U.S.

Against the Current
Price: $62.00   SRP: $65.00

Features and Benefits

  • Each person has same 120 laminated card set to enrich the interactions
  • Provides conversational content to use with virtual connections
  • Travel through U.S. with your family member or friends
  • Ideal for the pandemic quarantines and virtual travel conversations