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Simply Earth Science

Simply Earth Science | Special Education


A symbol-supported, standards-based Earth science curriculum

A standards-based curriculum that includes symbol-supported text articles, an Easy Reader book, activities, projects, and experiments all related to Earth science. The Student Book contains 10 chapters, each containing a symbol-supported article, covering topics like rocks, soil, water, Earth’s layers, weathering, and erosion. The Instructor’s Guide provides a suggested 3- and 5-day lesson template as well as a scripted sample lesson plan for the chapter Learning About Rocks. Additional activities, projects, and experiments are included as downloadable resources for each unit chapter.

The Curriculum includes: A Student Book, consumable Student Workbook, Easy Reader Book, and Teacher’s Guide with downloadable resources.

The Curriculum Plus includes: The Curriculum plus a total of 10 consumable Student Workbooks, 4 Easy Readers, the entire page set of workbook pages as accessible GoWorksheets (iPad only), and samples of communication overlays. The GoWorksheets can be used with the free GoWorksheet app or the full GoWorksheet Plus app available on the App Store.

Simply Earth Science

Simply Earth Science Curriculum
Price: $89.00   SRP: $99.00
Simply Earth Science Curriculum Plus
Price: $209.00   SRP: $229.00

Features and Benefits

  • Instructor’s Guide offers three- and five- day lesson templates
  • Student Book contains 10 chapters
  • Includes a scripted sample lesson for Learning About Rocks
  • Provides additional activities, projects, and experiments on a USB flash drive