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SIX is a Hexapod robot that inspires teaching and empowers learning.

Teach your students about technology while integrating interdisciplinary learning outcomes. SIX offers scalable capabilities that grow with students as they learn to code with complex technologies such as object tracking, speech recognition, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. With twelve joints for custom positioning, students can design their own movements, positions, and even multi-legged dances!

Students can program navigation commands for real-world robotic applications.

SIX encourages lifelong learning and inspires creativity.


  • Publisher: EZ-Robot
  • Grade Level: 5-Adult
  • Platform: All
  • Item #: KI-0300
Price: $499.99

Features and Benefits

Powerful, versatile, easy-to-use and FUN.

Six is more than a spider robot toy, it's loaded with features and advanced robotic capabilities, making it an incredible platform for STEM education.

Six Hexapod Robot
Six is incredibly engaging for students, and achieves unparalleled levels of engagement for boys and girls across all demographics and levels of academic ability. There simply isn't any other robotics platform in the world that offers the power, ease-of-use, versatility and engagement.

Education in the classroom, and at home.
In the classroom or at home, EZ-Robot Revolution has a big impact on STEM education. Learn about robots, and have fun doing it! With hundreds of tutorials, no questions are left unanswered. Personalizing your EZ-Robot with new behaviors will teach students how robots walk, see, hear and interact with their surroundings to solve problems using a combination of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

Programming in an easy-to-use software.
While containing easy programming methods such as Scratch and Blockly, the EZ-Builder also features a complete script editor, allowing you to program in both our own EZ-Script scripting language, or other Object-based languages such as C++, C#, or Visual Basic.

Mobile control.
Use an Android or iOS mobile device with apps from our EZ-Cloud app store to control your robot. Have an idea for a robot app? Create a robot app and share with it the world. EZ-Robot makes everyone an app developer!

3D Printable Open Source Parts

The 3D printable CAD files of Revolution Robots and EZ-Bits are available in the CAD tab of each product, in the 3D Printing Section, or in the ez-builder software. Create and share your own designs with other EZ-Robot users from around the world!

System Requirements

  • 1 x EZ-B v4 Smart Robot Controller
  • 1 x Dodecagon Body (includes battery)
  • 1 x LiPo Robot Battery
  • 1 x LiPo Battery Balancer Charger
  • 1 x EZ-B Camera Block
  • 12 x Lever Servo Motor
  • 6 x Peg
  • 1 x Wire Spiral Wrap Pack
  • 1 x USB Wifi Dongle

Note: This robot requires ARC software
Product Dimensions
Width: 35.6 cm
Length: 35.6 cm
Height : 19.1 cm
Weight: 1.7000 kg

Shipping Dimensions
Width: 27.0 cm
Length: 27.0 cm
Height : 16.5 cm
Weight: 2.1800 kg