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The flexible format—an attention-grabbing illustration on the front and a variety of stimuli on the back—targets a wide range of social skills perfect for groups or one-on-one therapy.

The emphasis is on using real-life, higher-demand social language skills. You'll stimulate observation, dialogue, discussion, reasoning, flexible thinking, and perspective taking with questions and narratives.

Activities are based on research from TheSocial Language Development Test–Adolescentand reflect a developmental progression of specific social language skills among 12- to 18-year-olds. The activities complement those inSocial Language Training–Adolescentwith more demands on social language comprehension, expression, and reasoning.

Skill areas include:

  • Nonverbal Communication—identify and interpret facial expressions, gestures, posture, and proximity
  • Making Inferences—use context, body language, and other clues to make reasonable inferences about what is happening and why
  • Multiple Interpretations—think of more than one logical interpretation for a situation; develop flexibility in thinking
  • Multiple Perspectives—recognize that people in the same situation can think different thoughts and have different opinions
  • Solving Problems—identify social problems, think of solutions, and justify why some solutions are better than others; recognize the feelings of other people and think of solutions that preserve or create friendships
  • Interpreting Idioms & Sarcasm—recognize discrepancy between intended and expressed meanings and reflect on the speaker's beliefs and attitudes
  • Social Interaction—recognize appropriate and inappropriate reactions to people and know what to say and do
  • Interpersonal Negotiation—learn to compromise, problem solve, listen, negotiate, and seek mutually-pleasing resolutions to conflicts
  • Relating Personal Experience—express personal experiences and feelings and realize the value of considering other people's perspectives

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COMPLETE PRODUCT INCLUDES:50 8 ½" x 11" double-sided, coated picture/stimuli cards; instructions; and answer key; all in a vinyl folder. (©2011)


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