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Develop the critical executive function skills of organization, arranging, and planning to help your older students with ASD or language disorders solve and respond to social problems.

Finally, there are photo cards depicting common themes and social exchanges unique to adolescents! These cards are sure to keep your students interested and engaged. They address life skills, such as planning for the future and dealing with conflicts. Generalization activities that promote personalizing the scenarios complete this outstanding therapy program.

The 200 photo cards are divided into four groups:

  • Time-based cards:present problems in the past, present and future. Students learn the consequences of past behavior and use that knowledge to make better decisions in the future. The generalization cards require the student to reflect on how he solved a problem in the past and brainstorm solutions for a better outcome for a similar problem.
  • Place or Rank Ordering cards:require the student to identify multiple, simultaneously occurring problems, rank them based on importance or urgency and develop an action plan. The generalization card asks the student to visualize himself in the setting and to modify the problem so it's similar to something he's personally encountered.
  • Purpose-based cards:ask the student to identify the purpose of social interactions in order to keep a conversation flowing. In the generalization activity, the student visualizes himself taking part in the conversation and responds to questions.
  • Audience-based cards:require the student to evaluate his listener's needs and generate a response. Students respond differently to a peer vs. a person of authority and learn to make subtle changes in tone, the amount and type of details to share, and the use of slang. Generalization requires the student to reflect on problems from the past and to solve similar problems in the future.

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COMPLETE PRODUCT INCLUDES:200, 5" x 7" double-sided, coated picture/stimuli cards and 6 instruction cards, all in a sturdy storage box. (2013)


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