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SOUND FORGE 16 Pro Academic - Win ESD English

SOUND FORGE 16 Pro Academic - Win ESD English | Music Education


SOUND FORGE Pro 16 is the ideal software for musicians, producers and sound designers. The 64-bit SOUND FORGE audio engine has been further developed for dedicated audio editing and features high stability and speed for ensuring ultra-precise results. The new program interface is fully customizable and allows for an enhanced, more efficient user experience for all audio production tasks from recording and editing to post-production. Record multichannel audio simultaneously on up to 32 channels and in 64-bit/384 kHz resolution. Effortlessly remove noise with integrated restoration effects and shape your project's sound with sophisticated mastering tools by iZotope. Everything is included for users to create broadcast-ready productions and gold-standard masters.

SOUND FORGE 16 Pro Academic - Win ESD English

Single - Pro
Price: $179.95   SRP: $199.95

System Requirements

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