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Spectrum InTouch 20 Secure Tablet Locker

Spectrum InTouch 20 Secure Tablet Locker | Charging Carts

Spectrum InTouch 20 Secure Tablet Locker

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  • Publisher: Spectrum
  • Grade Level: All
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Intouch 20
Price: $879.00   SRP: $1,432.00


Spectrum Industries has developed the InTouch20 Secure Tablet Locker
as the most effective organization device designed for tablets. When
classroom storage areas are at a premium, the IT20 uses half the counter
space as other storage devices with a two-up design two shelves, each
nesting a row of ten tablets. With student safety in mind, the tablet
charge cords are accessible in the storage bay while the power outlets
are in a separate bay behind a door. The superior cord management of the
IT20 makes it very easy to remove and replace tablets. Once the tablets
are in the IT20, rest assured that the custom double-bolt lock keeps
tablets secure. The IT20 even has a syncing option so that teachers can
easily restore tablets to their original state without affecting network

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Media Size: 18-7/16in x15-3/16in x26-1/2in