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Spotlight on Reasoning & Problem Solving: 6-Book Set

Spotlight on Reasoning & Problem Solving: 6-Book Set | Special Education




Build basic reasoning skills with step-by-step instruction in six crucial areas. The activities are designed to build success at every level. Students become purposeful, active thinkers as they focus on one thinking strategy at a time.

Each book targets a specific reasoning and problem solving skill and develops metacognitive thinking with:

  • activities sequenced by complexity
  • visual cues that are gradually faded
  • skills defined in student-friendly terms
  • a variety of curricular and daily living topics
  • simple sentence structure and vocabulary so students can focus on learning the concepts
  • minimal writing requirements at the beginning levels
  • a pretest/posttest

The 6-book set consists of:

  • Causes & EffectsStudents understand that actions have consequences and that things don't "just happen." There's a reason for the outcomes. This book also explores multiple causes and preventing harmful effects.
  • Comparing & ContrastingThis book presents one of the most basic of language and thinking skills through unique visual and verbal activities.
  • Facts & OpinionsThese activities help your students separate truth from opinion and decipher messages based on their intentions.
  • Making Predictions & InferencesHelp your students piece together information, step-by-step, to make informed and correct inferences and predictions.
  • SequencingThis basic building block of logical and critical thinking is presented in its simplest forms first and progresses to multi-step and narrative-based sequences.
  • Solving ProblemsStudents learn to approach problems systematically and flexibly. Strategies and visual maps help them plan solutions to simple and more complex problems.

6-Book Set each book 40 pages 8.5 x 11, softcover 2007

Spotlight on Reasoning & Problem Solving: 6-Book Set

  • Publisher: Pro-Ed Inc
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: 31835

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