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STEM Gear Tech

STEM Gear Tech | Science


Explore fundamentals of gear technology with 26 different models for hands-on experimentation. Learn about lever principles, ratios, four-link systems, pulleys, differential gears, planetary gears, and much more.

STEM Gear Tech

STEM Gear Tech
Price: $119.00   SRP: $126.50

Features and Benefits

Basics of Gear technology

The 26 engaging experiments can be conducted, using different models such as a beam balance, a scissor lift or a windshield wiper, and the exciting technology behind them can be conveyed. Of course, the various types of gears, such as a clock gear, planetary gear or differential gear, are also included. The concept is rounded off by the accompanying educational material available online.

  • Main topics lever laws, gear ratios, four-bar linkages, pulley block, differential gears, planetary gears
  • Includes access to downloadable education material (free download)
  • Includes gears, bevel gears, internal gear, worm, various axles, rope with winch and pulleys, Chain, building blocks and base plate258x186mm

Includes access to tutorial materials with 26 different experiments.

Materials come packed in sturdy plastic Gratnells storage box with transparent lid.

Total 320 components.

Middle School/High School level.