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Step-by-Step Choice with Levels

Step-by-Step Choice with Levels | Special Education

Step-by-Step Choice with Levels

  • Publisher: AbleNet Inc
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: 100-03600
Price: $177.95   SRP: $195.00


Step-by-Step Choice with Levels provides an exciting option for
easy-tech, quick-ready communication. Press the activation surface
quickly to select the appropriate message - no matter where in the
sequence of messages it was recorded. This is a great tool for answering
multiple choice questions, or communicating desires among a list of
options. Like every Step-by-Step, the "Choice" has all the same great
features of our BIG and LITTLE Step-by-Step Communicators with the power
and convenience of three levels. With a total of four minutes of
recording time, there is almost no limit to the number of messages you
can record per level.

Features & Benefits


4 minutes recording time on three levels

"Choose your message" function

Interchangeable switch tops in Red, Yellow, Green and Blue are included

Better-than-ever digital sound