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Super Star Online

Super Star Online | Language Arts / Reading


List of Courses Included in any Subscription:
HTML5 courses (do not require Flash)

  • Letters and Numbers (grades PreK - 1)
  • Silly Pictures (grades PreK K)
  • Beginning Reading Kcc (grades K 1)
  • Silly Sentences (grades K 1)
  • Phonics 1a - Vowel Sounds (grades K - 2)
  • Phonics 1b - Consonant Sounds (grades K - 2)
  • Phonics 2a - Intermediate Level (grades 1 - 3)
  • Games of Math 1 Addition & Money (grades 1, 2, 3 and up)
  • Games of Math 3 Multiplication (grade 3 and up) - is expected to be converted by the end of December 2020.
  • Super Star Movies
  • Teacher and Admins Resources

Flash courses - which might not be available after December 2020.

  • Phonics 2b - Intermediate Level II (grades 2 - 5) *
  • Language Arts Review 3a (grade 3 and up) *
  • Language Arts Review 3b (grade 3 and up) *
  • Games of Math 2 Subtraction & More (time, measurement, geometry) *
  • Games of Math 4 Division & Fractions (grade 4 and up) *

* We plan to continue converting the above courses and look for ways to run our Flash courses after December 2020

-  Subscriptions are sold on an annual basis at the price of $5 per seat (user).

- The minimum subscription is 25 subscribed users.

- Subscriptions can be either for a full year, multi-year, or for a partial year.

- The Annual Subscription time frame is usually July 1 to June 30.

- Subscriptions purchased after December 1 may be prorated 25% off.

- Call for District pricing.

Super Star Online

  • Publisher: Help Me 2 Learn
  • Grade Level: PreK-Adult
  • Platform: Online
  • Item #: 6901W

Free access through June 30, 2020

Minimum 25 seats
Price: $125.00   SRP: $125.00
Additional seates
Price: $5.00   SRP: $5.00

Features and Benefits

The Super Star Online service offers several advantages over our
CD-ROM/Network products:

  • Home Use - Students have access to the
    software anywhere they have access to the Internet. Many
    schools have days that are very full, and they just don't
    have time to let students access the software as much as
    they would like. With the Super Star Online service,
    students with a broadband connection can work in our courses
    at home and take as much time as they need to complete the
  • Parental Involvement - Since students have
    access to their assigned programs at home, parents have the opportunity
    to check the progress of their child by clicking on the Super Star
    button and viewing the Super Star page. We also added a "Parents" button,
    so parents (or other caregivers) can enter the programs in the "Parent Mode".
    The "Parent Mode" allows parent to become familiar with the lessons their
    child is working on, they can also work with their child on the lessons in
    this practice mode, or they can view/print the child's progress reports. These
    engaging and easy-to-understand lessons can be almost as valuable to the
    parent as to the child. Parents will have the opportunity to brush-up on
    skills and concepts they may have forgotten.
  • Family Literacy - Some student come from
    families that aren't native English speakers. These families will
    have an opportunity to learn English, phonics and reading, along with
    their child.
  • Ease of Administration - Using our Online
    service makes it easier for the school's IT department. They
    don't have to maintain a server, they don't have to worry
    about permissions for network shares, and they don't have to
    manage product and upgrade installations across a multitude
    of workstations. The Super Star Online service supports most
    modern operating systems and web browsers, and it allows
    complete administration of courses and students from any
  • Improved Student Management - Each student
    has a single login, and the student's progress in all
    courses and classes is tracked with that login. Students
    can be moved between classes and keep their progress and
    high scores.
  • Quick Updates - When we make improvements
    to our course titles, the updates will be available to all
    students as soon as we make them. You don't have to be
    concerned with which version you have or if you need to
    upgrade, and your subscription gets more valuable over time
    as we add features.
  • Quick Delivery - Once we receive your
    purchase order, we can get you online in a matter of hours
    (subject to hours of business).
  • More, Bigger, and Better Reports - Our plans
    are to considerably upgrade our reporting features to give
    you the best information possible about course usage and
    student progress. This will make it easy to track successes
    and help you identify students who need more work. The
    enhanced reporting will only be coming to the Online service.

System Requirements

Operating System
PC: Windows 10, 7 or any
Mac: Mac OS X (any)
Many of our courses can be used on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device
Web Browser

PC: Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer
Mac: Chrome, Safari, or Firefox

Adobe Flash Player Flash Player (free) required for some courses

A broadband Internet connection is strongly recommended.

Minimum Recommended
Operating System
PC: Windows XP

Mac: Mac OS X v10.3


iPad: VirtualChrome app, Photon app or other
Flash Browser

Android: 3x and later requires Flash Fox
or other Flash Browser

PC: Windows 10,8, 7 or XP
Mac: Mac OS X v10.4 to v10.10


iPad: VirtualChrome app
Flash Browser

Android: Flash Fox app
Flash Browser

Web Browser
PC: Firefox 2 or Internet Explorer 6 SP1

Mac: Firefox 2, Safari 1.3

Tablet:Browser or app that supports Flash

PC: Safari 3.1+, Firefox 2+, Chrome 13+, or
Internet Explorer 7+

Mac: Safari 3.1+ or Firefox 2+

Tablet: Browser or app that supports Flash.
Reccommend: the VirtualChrome Browser for iPad/iPod and the
Flash Fox app for Android

Processor 500 MHz 1 GHz or faster
Memory (RAM) 256 MB 512 MB or higher
Display resolution 800x600 1024x768 or higher
Adobe Flash Player
9.0 or higher
(free download from
Adobe Acrobat Reader
5.0 or higher
(optional; free download from