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SuperTalker Progressive Communicator

SuperTalker Progressive Communicator | Special Education

SuperTalker Progressive Communicator

  • Publisher: AbleNet Inc
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: 100-02800
Price: $347.95   SRP: $375.00



Easy to learn and use, yet powerful enough to be the only voice output
device many users will ever need. Use it as a single-message
communicator for beginners and progress to a two-, four-, or
eight-message communicator as the userís needs and abilities change. No
need to learn a new device - instead, simply change the keyguard/symbol
holder. SuperTalker also offers eight levels so you can record and store
as many as 64 messages!

Features & Benefits

Key Features

  • 16 minutes of recording time with variable message lengths
  • Four different grid formats with matching keyguards
  • Built-in keyguard storage
  • Eight levels
  • Step-ahead jack for single switch sequential message playback
  • Volume control with lockout feature
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Compatible with BoardMaker Overlay software
  • Two Toy/Appliance output jacks
  • Eight input jacks for single-switch access to any specific location
  • Requires four AA batteries (not included)