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Teaching Self-Discipline

Teaching Self-Discipline | Special Education


Integrate self-discipline instruction in the general curriculum by teaching self-monitoring to students grades K12!

Author Dr. Dennis Knapcyzk, of Indiana University, looks at classroom discipline as a curricular concern, comparable to teaching reading and math. In this book, he shows how to present discipline to students by encouraging them to pay attention to classmates who do well socially and exhibit appropriate behavior. Teach students to:

  • Set goals for their behavior
  • Apply themselves to their work
  • Direct their own behavior
  • Make decisions about their actions
  • Moderate their actions in accord with peers

Softbound book, 150 pages, 2004. Includes a Win/Mac CD with printable PDF.

Teaching Self-Discipline

Teaching Self-Discipline
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Features and Benefits

  • Integrates self-discipline instruction into general curriculum
  • Encourages teaching self-monitoring to students
  • Ideal for staff working with grades K-12