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TechnoKids TechnoBookmaking copy

TechnoKids TechnoBookmaking copy | TechnoKids

TechnoKids TechnoBookmaking copy

  • Publisher: TechnoKids
  • Grade Level: 1-3
  • Platform: Win
  • Item #: PRI-FIT

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Raise awareness about health and nutrition using Microsoft Publisher. Design a food guide, fitness poster, menu, and more!

Project Includes:
Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, Customizable Resources, Assessment Tools, Extension Activities, Sample Files, Templates, Parent Letters, Certificates
Tech Integration:
Health, Language Arts
Tech Skill:
Publishing, Graphics, Word Processing
Microsoft 365, Office 2016, Office 2013

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Primary students discover the benefits of good nutrition and regular exercise while learning how to use Microsoft Publisher. Students develop desktop publishing skills as they create a series of publications using TechnoFit elementary health lesson plans.

  • Take the Be Fit Challenge

    Invite students in Grades 1-3 to eat right, be fit, and live well. Plan a celebration that recognizes their accomplishment.

  • Elementary Health Lesson Plans

    Integrate TechnoFit into any health or social studies unit related to nutrition, diet, exercise, or wellness. By creating a series of publications about health-related topics, students gain an understanding of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Digital Literacy Skills

    Teach this project as part of a technology course. The activities target desktop publishing skills. Students gain expertise with creating publications such as membership cards, posters, invitations, and more using Microsoft Publisher. A customized Quick Access toolbar is used to simplify finding tools making it ideal for young learners.

  • Curriculum Resource for Elementary Students

    TechnoFit has everything teachers need in one ready-to-use project PDF teacher guide and student workbook, health videos, food cards, recipes, templates, sample files, assessment tools, and program flashcards.

Computer-based Activities About Healthy Living

Primary students become members of the TechnoFit Club and take the "Be Fit Challenge". This challenge dares participants to eat right, be fit, and live well! To prepare for the task they learn about healthy eating and exercise. Afterwards they design a food guide and fitness poster. They then prepare for the upcoming Be Fit Challenge Event, which is a celebration that includes fun fitness activities and great tasting food. To plan for the event, students design a menu and send invitations. With the event fast approaching, certificates are created for each participant of the Be Fit Challenge to recognize their efforts to be healthy. These are then handed out at the event.

  • Create a variety of publications using MS Publisher
  • Describe the importance of food and exercise
  • Identify ways to promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Classify food into food groups
  • Select a publication type suitable to the task
  • Draw a text box, format text, size, font, and style
  • Search for and insert suitable clip art
  • Add WordArt to a publication
  • Position and resize objects for an effective layout
  • Display multiple pages in a publication   

Features & Benefits

Session 1 Join the TechnoFit Club

Create a membership card in Publisher to be a part of the TechnoFit Club.

Session 2 Eat Right!

Create a guide that sorts items into Food Groups to learn about healthy eating.

Session 3 Be Fit!

Illustrate how to stay active by producing a fitness poster.

Session 4 Be Fit Challenge Event Menu

Take the Be Fit Challenge and design a menu with healthy food choices.

Session 5 You are Invited

Invite TechnoFit Club members to the event with a custom side-fold card.

Session 6 Eat Right, Be Fit, Live Well!

Earn recognition in the Be Fit Challenge Event with a healthy choice award.

Optional Elementary Health Lesson Plans

  • Word Search: Solve the puzzle.
  • Be Fit Calendar: Track your fitness activities.
  • Sunday Picnic: Answer questions about an event.
  • Party Time: Make a birthday invitation.
  • Recipes: Healthy recipes are included in the project. 

System Requirements

Microsoft 365, Office 2016, Office 2013