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The Quarter Mile Math: Level 1

The Quarter Mile Math: Level 1 | Math

The Quarter Mile Math: Level 1

  • Publisher: Barnum
  • Grade Level: K-3
  • Platform: Mac / Win
  • Item #: BRN2.00
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Price: $39.95
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Price: $234.95
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Price: $134.95
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Price: $49.95


Chosen for use in all Sylvan Learning Centers. This award-winning, extremely effective, and highly motivating format gets students to do an incredible amount of math in a short period of time in very focused topics. The format is a 6-lane straightaway race. Students accelerate their dragster or riderless horse by entering correct answers. The other 5 lanes contain their 5 previous best races -- students compete against themselves. The Quarter Mile Math is able to detect the smallest improvements and give positive reinforcement. Non-intimidating, non-age-specific, and appropriate for both genders. As effective for students with special needs as it is for accelerated students. As perfect for kindergartners as it is for adults.

Features & Benefits

This program is an incredibly thorough compilation of 174 topics! The four operations plus many other number topics areas (including counting, place value, missing number, etc.). Includes whole number estimation topics and some alphabet topics.

Topics: Grades K-3

Users: Pre-K to Adult

174 Topics

22,000 Problem

System Requirements

Windows CD Version
Windows: Windows XP, Vista, 7

Network Versions
School network servers can be:
Windows 2000
Windows 2003
Windows 2008