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TORC-4: Test of Reading Comprehension Fourth Editio

TORC-4: Test of Reading Comprehension Fourth Editio | Special Education

TORC-4: Test of Reading Comprehension Fourth Editio

  • Publisher: Pro-Ed Inc
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: 12830
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Student Question Booklet - 25
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Student Answer Booklet - 50
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Examiner Manual
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Examiner Record Forms - 50
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The Test of Reading Comprehension ? Fourth Edition (TORC-4) is
an innovative approach to testing silent reading comprehension that can
be used to (a) identify children and adolescents who score significantly
below their peers and who therefore might need help in improving their
reading proficiency and comprehension, (b) document student progress in
remedial programs, and (c) serve as a research tool in studies
investigating reading problems in children and adolescents. It was
normed on 1,942 students in 14 states. The test has five subtests, all
of which measure word identification and contextual meaning. Studies in
the TORC-4 manual indicate that the test has high reliability and strong
validity, especially criterion-prediction validity.

System Requirements

COMPLETE TORC-4 KIT INCLUDES: Examiner?s Manual, 50 Examiner/Record Forms, 25 Student Question Booklets (28-Pages), and 50 Student Answer Booklets (8-Pages), all in a sturdy storage box.