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TU-19031C / TU-19031C-230 Binocular Microscope

TU-19031C / TU-19031C-230 Binocular Microscope | Document Cameras

TU-19031C / TU-19031C-230 Binocular Microscope

  • Publisher: Ken-A-Vision
  • Grade Level: All
  • Platform: Mac / Win
  • Item #: TU-19031C
Price: $729.95   SRP: $769.00
Price: $729.95   SRP: $769.00


Comprehensive Scope 2

The Comprehensive Scope 2 line is affordable, durable and
student-friendly. Ideal for entry level to advanced science courses, it
comes equipped with all of our Comprehensive Scope 2 line key features,
including the exclusive built-in carrying handle and a secure storage
compartment for the charger. This binocular microscope is enhanced with a
mechanical stage and 100x(S) oil immersion lens. The coaxial focus
knobs allows easier adjustment of focus for the user without removing
their attention from the prepared slide. This microscope has a unique
USB charging system that allows the user to charge the cordless
microscope by traditional electrical outlet or by a USB port.

Features & Benefits

  • USB Compliant Charging System 5V--1A DC operation included
  • Siedentopf Binocular Head
  • 100×S DIN Achromat oil immersion objective
  • Built-in, low-positioned mechanical stage
  • Ergonomic design places coaxial focus knobs in easy reach no matter which eyepiece you’re using
  • 40 hours of continuous cordless operation
  • Humidity and climate protection coating on optics
  • Aluminum single cast body

System Requirements


HeadSiedentopf Binocular, 30˚ incline, 360˚ rotatable, 2 eyepieces

10× DIN Widefield

Reverse 4-hole

4×, 10×, 40×S, 100×S DIN Achromat

Bright and cool LED white light

Mechanical; coated 130× 120mm, coaxial lower position
separate knobs for X and Y movement with rack & pinion; 1.25NA Abbé
Condenser and Iris Diaphragm

Size L × W × H
10” × 7” × 13" / 25.4cm × 18cm × 33cm

10.4lbs / 4.7kgs

10 year limited