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Wheel of Language

Wheel of Language | Special Education

Wheel of Language

  • Publisher: Pro-Ed Inc
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: 11170

Price: $50.00   SRP: $50.00


Target Group: Ages 4 and up

Here's a
sentence-builder product that is easy to carry, very portable, and
requires no setup. By turning the concentric circles you can make
sentences with from 2 to 5 critical elements: adjective + person + verb +
object + location/time. You can easily adjust the number of elements so
that students ages 4 and up with different ability levels can play
together. You'll get options for play in a competitive or noncompetitive
game format, or just have fun making up sentences. An almost infinite
number of sentences is possible, including many that are delightfully
absurd. Your students' interest won't wane, even with repeated use. The
simple, colorful Pick 'n Stick illustrations are easily identifiable.

laminated, circular wheel (5 concentric moveable circles) ; 1 large die
with up to 3 numerals; and instructions and suggestions for use.