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Whole Brain Program

Whole Brain Program | Special Education


A set of mental exercises for a fun and challenging workout

Dr. Marge Engelman's book—Whole Brain Workouts—features 125 fun and challenging workouts to keep older adults alert and mentally healthy. Activities range from knock-knock jokes to brain teasers and from puzzles to visual illusions.

  • Based on current research showing that mental exercise is good for seniors
  • Invaluable for individuals, activity professionals, and family caregivers
  • Includes a mental fitness evaluation and a whole brain workout planner

The professional version sold in this program gives reproduction rights and a PDF on CD for quick printouts. Perfect for group work!. Softbound book is 7 x 9 inches, 180 pages, 2006.

Mind Your Mind is by Beatrice Seagull, Professor Emeritus, and contains challenging exercises to sharpen mental prowess in memory skills, flexible thinking, perception, reasoning and more. Presents strategies for coping with everyday life and offers support in dealing with memory loss and other cognitive disabilities. Includes up-to-date information about current brain research and Alzheimer’s Disease.

The professional Version: Includes reproduction rights so you can photocopy or print pages using the PDF on CD. Covered spiralbound book, 220 pages, 2005.

Whole Brain Program

Whole Brain Program
Price: $79.00   SRP: $89.00

Features and Benefits

  • Provides activities for aging adults who want to stay mentally alert
  • Includes: Whole Brain Workouts and Mind Your Mind