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Writing with Purpose

Writing with Purpose | Special Education


Using oral language and thinking skills as a foundation for successful writing

Successful writing is difficult for struggling readers. This
20-lesson curriculum uses oral language and thinking skills as a
foundation for successful writing. It supports reluctant writers by
incorporating illustrations rich in content, graphic organizers and
writing frames. The curriculum includes a Student Book and a Teacherís Guide.

Writing with Purpose

Introductory Kit
Price: $67.00   SRP: $69.00
Classroom Kit
Price: $167.00   SRP: $169.00
Student Book
Price: $24.00   SRP: $26.00

Features and Benefits

The Student Book begins with What is Writing,
followed by three chapters focusing on forms of expository writing:
Descriptive, Sequential and Comparative. Each chapter has five lessons
that follow an identical sequence: plan, write and review.

The Teacherís Guide includes a completed student
book, lesson plans and writing rubrics. Since expository writing is
required in all language arts curricula, Writing With Purpose aligns completely with academic standards.

The Introductory Kit includes Student Book and Teacherís Guide with PDF CD. The Classroom Kit includes total of 8 Student Books and one Teacher's Guide with PDF CD. Extra Student Books areavailable separately.