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BIG Candy Corn Switch

BIG Candy Corn Switch | Special Education


The BIG Candy Corn accessibility switch uses highly-sensitive proximity sensor technology for activation. Any time the user is near or touching the activation surface, the BIG Candy Corn accessibility switch will activate. Individuals with fine motor impairments or low vision prefer the BIG Candy Corn over the LITTLE Candy Corn accessibility switch because it has an activation surface nearly two times the size. When activated, an auditory beep and light appear. You may turn off the auditory beep and light if the user does not need these prompts.

  • Includes ableCARE on-demand support
  • Built ableSTRONG to endure drops and other environmental conditions
  • Made from ableSAFE materials and tested by third-party safety labs

BIG Candy Corn Switch

  • Publisher: AbleNet Inc
  • Grade Level: All
  • Item #: 10000025
Price: $239.00   SRP: $255.00

Features and Benefits

Common Uses

  • When the user is unable to produce enough force to activate a Big Red or Big Buddy Button accessibility switch
  • When visual or auditory feedback helps the user successfully use the accessibility switch
  • To assist using a speech device, tablet or computer, or other switch adapted electronic devices


  • Highly sensitive proximity sensor that does not require calibration
  • Visual and auditory feedback that may be turned off
  • Includes replaceable CR2430 battery

System Requirements

  • Switch Type: Electronic, Wired
  • Activation Type: Proximity Sensor
  • Activation Force: Proximity
  • Feedback: Auditory and visual
  • Plug Size: 3.5mm mono (TS) plug
  • Mounting: AbleNet Quick Ready Mounting Plate for Assistive Technology or integrated threaded inserts
  • Product Dimensions: 3.85-in L x 4-in W x 0.58-in H (9.8-cm L x 10.2-cmW x 1.2-cm H)