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Diversimount for Interactive Whiteboards

Diversimount for Interactive Whiteboards | Track Technology Systems


Diversimount is a universal,
stationary, over-chalk-board wall mount supporting interactive
whiteboards, standard and interactive projectors, dry erase boards and
big screen LED TVís.

Diversimount brings your mount
surface out and in front of your existing chalk or dry erase board and
is proven to be a more economical choice compared to drilling into or
removing your wall-mounted chalk or dry erase board. It is
professionally manufactured and constructed from strong carbon steel
with an epoxy powder coat finish in Oyster White.

The Diversimount System is secure, flexible and adjustable:

  • No more drilling into your dry erase or chalk board!
  • Fastens above and below your existing chalk board, dry erase

    board or other casework.

  • Clears a standard chalk tray
  • 5-position vertically adjustable up to 10 inches
  • Perfect for new or existing construction
  • Simple to assemble and install

Diversimount can also be used with our newest product, Diversiboard to give you a perfect projection surface or marker board surface!

Diversimount for Interactive Whiteboards

for SMART Board 680/690/685/660
Price: $174.95
for SMART Board 800 series
Price: $174.95
for SMART Board M 600 series M680/M685
Price: $174.95
for Promethean Activboard 78 & 95
Price: $174.95
for Promethan Activboard 178, 378, 578
Price: $174.95
for Activboard 187, 387, 587
Price: $174.95
form Activboard 195, 395, 595
Price: $174.95
for Interwrite 1077 and DualBorad
Price: $174.95
for Polyvision eno
Price: $174.95
for Hitachi FX 79" & 89"
Price: $174.95
for Promethan Activboard ajustable System
Price: $97.95
16' for Activboard 187, 387, 587
Price: $419.95
for Promethean Activboard 195, 395, 595
Price: $429.95
16' for Promethean Activeboard 195, 395, 595
Price: $449.95
for Interwrites/eInstruction 1077 and DualBoard
Price: $379.95
16" Interwrite/eInstruction 1077 and Dual Board
Price: $419.95
for Polyvisioneno
Price: $379.95
16" for Polyvision eno
Price: $419.95
for Hitachi FX 79" & 89"
Price: $379.95
16" for Hitachi FX 79" & 89"
Price: $419.95

Features and Benefits

Diversimount employs a unique system of two uprights
with a cross member and 5 mounting positions equaling 10 inches of
adjustability truly making it a ďone size fits allĒ solution. It also
borrows some key design elements from our flagship track mount system, Diversitrack, namely our flexible clip system.

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