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KID PIX 5 Mac Edition Upgrade

KID PIX 5 Mac Edition Upgrade | Art & Creativity

KID PIX 5 Mac Edition Upgrade

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2-Computer Mac Upgrade
Price: $48.97
6-Computers Mac Upgrade
Price: $118.97
7-24 Computers Mac Upgrade (Each)
Price: $18.90
25-Computer Mac Upgrade
Price: $455.00
26-49 Computers Mac Upgrade (Each)
Price: $18.20
50-Computer Mac Upgrade
Price: $892.50
51-100 Computers Mac Upgrade (Each)
Price: $17.50
101-500 Computers Mac Upgrade (Each)
Price: $16.80
501-1,000 Computers Mac Upgrade (Each)
Price: $16.10
50-Computer Network License Mac Upgrade
Price: $1,396.50



The new STEAM Edition of KID PIX enters a world where art and science reunite and critical thinking meets creative making. Young artists can now transform their digital stories an adventures into interactive digital art, science and math projects with the help of STEAM activities tailored to suit the needs of your ingenious young inventors.

New button actions enable students to design interactive quizzes or create a learning game. Using a variety of animated costumes and the built-in recording studio, students can star in their own documentaries or talk to an animated character who shares the screen. 

New in KID PIX 5:

• Make self-running kiosk presentations with new Navigation Buttons.

• Use the video magic studio to interact with animated characters on screen.

• Make any object tappable so that it sings and dances when selected.

• Play narration, musical notes or sound effects when an object is tapped.

• Use hundreds of new 3D objects and rich 3D backgrounds to help set the scene.

• Create floating tappable stickers out of anything that appears on the screen.


Features & Benefits

Designed for children from ages 4 and up, older kids, parents and grandparents will all find the new KID PIX an extraordinary tool for creating stories for one another.

Learning Benefits:
• Develops creative skills at every ability level

• Builds skills in organization and presentation of ideas

• Encourages integration of technology into the learning and teaching process

• Develops skills needed to meet National Education Technology Standards

• Facilitates learning across the curriculum from language arts to math and from science to social studies

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System Requirements

Mac OS X Edition

  • System - Mac OS X 10.10.5 or later, including OS X 10.15 "Catalina"
  • Display - 1024 x 768 display resolution, millions of colors
  • Free hard disk space - 4.2 GB
  • Built-in or external video camera - For recording videos and taking photos
  • Microphone - For the Sound Art Tool and recording narration and other sounds
  • Internet connection - For publishing to YouTube™