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Readorium In The Classroom - Rising Grades 3-5

Readorium In The Classroom - Rising Grades 3-5 | Special Education

Readorium In The Classroom - Rising Grades 3-5

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  • Publisher: Readorium
  • Grade Level: 3-5
  • Item #: Readorium
Grades 3-5: 10-29 Accounts - Each
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Grades 3-5: 120-599 Accounts - Each
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Grades 3-5: 600-799 Accounts - Each
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Grades 3-5: 800-999 Accounts - Each
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Grades 3-5: 1000-4999 Accounts - Each
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The Adaptive Solution for Understanding Science Text

Readorium teaches reading comprehension to students in grades 3 through 8 using science text that automatically adapts to each childís level, as they progress. Kids love the content. They love the games, and they receive a personalized learning experience. Parents and teachers can get as involved as they want with progress reports and supplemental resources.

Schools across the county develop independent learners and science enthusiasts with Award Winning Readorium for grades 3-8

Features & Benefits

Readorium Field Testing Research and Results

Readorium was field tested three times as part of the US Department of Education requirement for their grantees. Participating schools were from diverse urban and suburban communities. In each field test, students of all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds far exceeded the expected outcome for a 6-8-week field test regardless of demographic status.

All students took an independent valid and reliable pre and post comprehension test, the Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment. The average comprehension score of students who read 10 or more Readorium books (with 7 chapters each) increased approximately one school year during the field-test. The following charts are the average gains of all three field tests.

Student and Teacher Feedback

Feedback from teachers and students was overwhelmingly positive. Both report that students use the strategies they learn to understand all text, are more enthusiastic about science and reading, are motivated by the programís gaming aspects, and would recommend the program to others.

Response to Intervention (RTI)

The goal of Response to Intervention (RTI) is to support students at all skill levels in order to meet their educational needs. This goal is one that is shared with Readorium.