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Understanding the unique hurdles that special education professionals, parents, and institutions face, Smarty Ears crafts solutions specifically to support children with speech impairment and learning difficulties.

In our continuous pursuit of excellence and inclusivity, we are proud to introduce Smarty Ears Online a revolutionary solution designed to empower educators, therapists, and families with the technology they need to ensure that children with language, literacy, and communication challenges have their best chance at learning.

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Smarty Ears Speech and Language

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Features and Benefits

Smarty Ears Online is a leading solution in caseload management, offering a user-friendly platform tailored for Speech-Language Pathologists and education professionals. Our system allows for the efficient organization and access to student information, emphasizing an individualized approach that is essential for personalized student progress tracking and support.

How does this benefit you? Here is how:

Efficient Caseload Management

Quickly and effectively organize student data, allowing more time for direct student interaction.

Personalized Learning Plans

Create individualized plans that cater to the unique needs and abilities of each student, enhancing their learning experience.

Compliance and Reporting

Easily generate reports for compliance with state and federal regulations, ensuring that all required documentation is available when needed.

Unparalleled selection of over hundreds of interactive and adaptive activities.

Smarty Ears Online offers an extensive range of interactive, adaptive activities specifically designed to address speech, language, literacy, social communication, and phonological awareness. We understand that each child's journey is unique, which is why we've created a platform that adapts to their individual needs, aligning with their learning objectives and IEPS.

Automatic Progress Monitoring

Artificial intelligence helps everyone make sure the child is making progress in learning speech goals.

Collaboration between therapists and families

Add student profiles and manage their progress towards reaching each learning goal.

Bank with 1000's of Learning Goals

Access a goal bank with thousands of learning goals to serve as a starting point or add custom goals.

Video Modeling and Audio Prompts

SmartyEars offer thousands of video modeling to help children visualize the production of the words.

Improve Efficiency and Accountability of Learning Goals with Automatic Progress Monitory Technology


System Requirements

Access all the Smarty Ears Activities on Any Device connected to the Internet!