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Why Johnny Doesn't Behave

Why Johnny Doesn't Behave | Special Education


A behavior intervention resource book

Authors Drs. Barbara Bateman and Annemieke Golly focus on 20 concrete “tips” to help you avoid behavioral problems, including making clear classroom expectations; directly teaching expectations; minimizing attention for minor inappropriate behaviors and paying attention to behavior you want to encourage.The second half of the book is dedicated to Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) and Behavioral Intervention Plans (BIPs), beginning with an explanation of each and ending with sample FBAs and BIPs so you can learn how to write your own.

Softbound book, 122 pgs., 2003.

    Why Johnny Doesn't Behave

    Why Johnny Doesn't Behave
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    Features and Benefits

    • Includes advice for avoiding behavioral problems
    • Encourages reinforcing positive behaviors
    • Provides behavior intervention plans with examples